DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE #10, $8 ppd., 5½” x 8½”, offset, 64 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

Jay Hinman’s zine always includes meticulous articles, interviews, and ideas. This new issue is no exception: Jay casts his critical eye on Take It! magazine, a 1981-1982 Boston music tabloid that ran for six issues, featuring writing from a pre-Forced Exposure Byron Coley. In the issue prior, Jay did a great rundown on ’70s movies, which he continues here. Interviews with Onyon, Moonlove, and The Twilighters, reviews, and more fill out the rest of this installment. Always a ton of thought, always a lot to read. Such a great zine. –Michael T. Fournier (523 Mangels Ave., SF, CA 94127)

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