DYLAN KRIEGER: Turn into the Water: 7”

“I called your dick God, but now I am Nietzsche and you are twenty-first century dead to me.” So starts “All That Shit-Talking and I Don’t Even Miss You,” the first of six poems on this 7”. Solid, inventive, lyrical poems about loss, isolation, and relationships with just enough self-awareness and fey irony as to not be cloying or overwrought. She’s very much got that poetry voice going on—you know, like you’re at a poetry reading. That voice. Not sure about the format—I remember having the Kathleen Hanna/Slim Moon spoken word 7” as a kid and not, uh, playing it very often. Seems more an interesting archival item, an artifact, than something that will get a lot of spins. But who knows, maybe you really love poetry and you’ll play this thing all the time. –Keith Rosson (Fine Print)