DWARVES: Take Back the Night: LP

Mar 20, 2018

Legendary sleaze punks the Dwarves are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their first tour with the release of what appears to be their thirteenth album Dwarves Take Back the Night. As I’ve said in the past in these very pages, the magic of the Dwarves is their ability to create well crafted, sonically appealing music and balance it with some of the most repugnant lyrics ever put to wax and somehow make it work. Is there a point where you can go so low-brow that it becomes high art? If so, that’s the level that the Dwarves are operating in. This album seems to lean further into their hardcore Blood, Guts & Pussy-era than other recent albums with the longest song clocking in at 2:15—but fear not, there is that catchiness and Blag’s uncanny ability to turn a phrase you would have never thought of all over this record as well. I only have one real complaint about the record, and that is there are too many vocals by Rex Everything (aka Nick Oliveri). His raspy, high pitched screech is everything that Blag’s amazing, smooth-like-butter delivery isn’t and it instantly stops being a Dwarves song to my ears when he appears in anything other than back ups. Other than that, this is a welcome addition to the ever-growing discography. The scum continues to rise. –Ty Stranglehold (Burger)