DWARVES / POTBELLY: Life Lessons from the Deranged: 7”

May 25, 2021

I was happy to see a Dwarves record in my review pile, as I thought their last outing Take Back the Night was great. I was hoping for something new or an unreleased outtake or something. Nope, the song is “Devil’s Level” from the aforementioned album. A good song for sure, but I already have it. I reviewed Potbelly a few issues back on a split with Bath Salts Brigade (who has since started a label of the same name, their first release being this record). I didn’t particularly like them then, and I am still not a fan. I mean, I can see why they are on a split with the Dwarves as they are thematically similar but just because you can shoot a basketball doesn’t mean you should play one-on-one against Michael Jordan (you best believe that I am calling Blag and crew the GOAT of perv-punk. Recognize!). On the whole, this is the kind of record that makes sense to get if you are a Dwarves completist, and that is pretty much it. –Ty Stranglehold (Bath Salts Brigade, bathsaltsbrigade.bandcamp.com)