DWARVES: Free Cocaine (1986-88): 2 x LP

Sep 23, 2016

Another great Dwarves compilation from Recess Records. The 2016 reissue is a double album with gatefold cover, and looking sweet. Free Cocaine picks up where Lick It left off, shedding their psychedelic persona as Suburban Nightmare and fully embracing what it means to be Dwarves: gritty, trashy hardcore punk rock. Filthy as the day is long. The music on these two slabs of vinyl is the chrysalis stage (or is it pupal? I flunked out of entomology) of the legends that the Dwarves would become. Deranged, demented, and down-right dirty. You can’t continue to make engaging music for more than thirty years if there isn’t more to the seedy exterior than meets the eye. Recognize! –Ty Stranglehold (Recess)