DUSK: “The Pain of Loneliness (Goes On and On)” b/w “Go Easy”: 7”

Apr 08, 2019

I love going into a record not knowing what to expect, and this 7” delivered a wonderful surprise. At first sound, the power pop opening has a country twang, and as the seconds continued to pass into opening song “The Pain of Loneliness (Goes On And On),” I realized that it sounded familiar, but in a very good way. The energetic mix of rock’n’roll, country, pop, soul, and R&B really grabbed my attention, and I needed to know more about who was making this happen. Wisconsin’s Dusk is made up of several talented musicians, including members of Black Thumb, Ferals, Miserable Friend, and Tenement. This album has a slower Tenement vibe on the second song “Go Easy,” and I really enjoyed the loud/quiet contrast of both songs. The trio of vocalists’ Amos Pitsch, Tyler Ditter, and Julia Blair’s harmonies blend together and complement each other so well. These impactful vocals are backed up by traditional instruments, and the addition of a Farfisa and Wurlitzer add extra dimension. Though two songs didn’t seem like enough, they were perfectly done, and I can’t wait to hear what they do next. ­­–Cynthia Pinedo (Dirtnap, dirtnaprecs.com)