DUMPIES, THE: Mark Spitz: CS

Mar 20, 2018

Honestly, from this band’s name I was expecting something closer to The Queers; something with a more juvenile, ‘50s-inspired edge. And that’s there on some songs like “Slow Bleed” that seem to play with that expectation while staying committed to the fast-paced, raw edge of the Jawbreaker or Off With Their Heads influence that runs throughout. This seems about in line with how they see themselves, as “a band booked to play an anarchist’s pool party.” Combined with the intentional low-fi quality, the melodic cadences carry this thing. The relatively plain packaging undersells how good this little cassette is. Like if the Pixies had a baby with Annalise. –Theresa W. (Hovercraft, [email protected], hovercraftpdx.com, thedumpies.bandcamp.com)