DUMPIES: Drunk Dial 8: 7”

Sep 16, 2021

If you like your pop punk snotty and scrappy with a melancholy undertone, then you’re gonna love this. Side A is a winning sugar-rush of a three-song suite in the F.Y.P/Bananas mode and Side B is a cover of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (me either) that slows things down, adds harmonies, and still manages to keep it punky. The premise of Drunk Dial is that the bands... wait for it... record drunk and do an original and a cover. Even if the liner notes look like that old Dave Chappelle joke about white dudes making a list of every drink they had when they get fucked up. The playing is still tight and urgent and this record is a joy to play. Honestly, The Dumpies sound right at home with guts full of booze. –Chris Terry (Drunk Dial, drunkdialrecords.com)