DU-RITES, THE: J-Zone and Pablo Martin Are: LP

Jan 18, 2017

Half an hour of gritty, retro, home recorded, self-released, DIY funk instrumentals from this New York duo. Drummer J-Zone, an underground rap vet who is new to the kit, provides a rollicking, sample-worthy base of Meters-inspired New Orleans funk. Guitarist Pablo Martin is a versatile talent who helps the songs run the groove gamut from humid Booker T. & The MG’s Memphis soul, to Mel Brown’s chicken scratch boogaloo, with breaks for bits that sound lifted from spy and blaxploitation flicks. Backwards-looking soul often feels sanitized and lab-created, but the Du-Rites come through with a raw recording and a palpable sense of joy, blessing us with a record that is full of heart. Play it in the car and feel like you’re in a cool B movie from the ‘70s. –Chris Terry (jzone.bandcamp.com)