DRYBNZ: Self-titled: LP

Nov 20, 2023

Holy cow. This band doesn’t sound like Bauhaus, but they have an “anything goes” approach to the spirit of the early goth/industrial experimentation. The album’s authors are Jeff Bettger and Joe Mendonca. It isn’t delineated who does what, but they both appear to have a deep bench of references from the early minimalist goth scene. The album starts with “Old Ghost Lighting,” which features a slow kick/snare dirge with one of this duo singing histrionically a little ahead of the beat; even strategically ignoring the beat at times. It’s a spooky and unique sound. “Churchnonchurch” opens with a fun noise wash morphing into a slow, bass-driven track. The singer is still working the limits of the highs and lows of the track. “Vein of Eternity” does a nice job playing backwards beats to create an eerie tune with a catchy chorus. If experimental minimalism is your thing, you should hear this album. –Billups Allen (Drybnz)

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