DRUX / VEUVE S.S.: Split E.P.: 7”

May 31, 2017

Drux from Germany kick out the fucking hardcore jams. The first track “Banned from the L Club” starts out sounding very Mob 47-ish and then mutates into some fierce youth crew-tinged stompcore on the following song “Mental Breakdown.” France’s Veuve S.S. reminds me an awful lot of Austin’s Glue in that their brand of hardcore is also very groove oriented and unpredictable. Hardcore bands today are transparent, to say the least. You can smell the “mosh part” breakdowns coming a mile away, similar to the way the bass drops in EDM. Drux and Veuve S.S. are having none of that and, in turn, are creating some wildly inventive hardcore and putting so-called hardcore bands to shame. –Juan Espinosa (Nerd Core, nerdcorerecords.blogspot.com)