DRUNKTANK: Return of the Infamous Four: CD

Feb 06, 2020

Four dudes who like to smoke a lot of weed and drink a lot of beer. They hail from the Netherlands and have been together almost ten years at this point. If Strung Out or Belvedere took their riffs to the metal extreme (like DragonForce?) then you have an idea of the sound on this record. It’s hard to differentiate the lead vocals on the songs since, honestly, the backing vocals seem to be happening pretty much nonstop. You can tell these guys are earnest but smashing metal and punk into a mason jar and shaking it up makes the whole proceedings come out a bit disjointed. Why there are no less than thirteen record labels listed on the back cover also remains a mystery. I will pick one for the end of this review at random since I don’t think we are doing a double issue this month. –Sean Koepenick (Morning Wood, [email protected])