Jan 18, 2017

Listening to Drunken Sufis, I’m reminded of the first time I heard Tortoise. There are electronic bleeps and bloops, a warm bass line, jazz-influenced drumming, and the promise to just relax in an atmospheric other-worldliness. That being said, the band doesn’t entirely sound like early Tortoise, instead, they nod to an influence from the band’s entire career. Entirely instrumental, the lack of vocals are inconsequential as Drunken Sufis know how to bring a range of sound to these fourteen songs. Sometimes bands that float on that edge of jazz can be frustrating and annoying—as it’s a fine line between creating an actual song and noise—but Drunken Sufis find that line and make a really solid, enjoyable album. Pala Pala is not only the perfect album for spacing out on a weekend afternoon, but also a surprising and refreshing find. –Kurt Morris (Bad Friend, badfriendrecords.com)


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