DRUNK PUNK WORKBOOK: A STEP WORKING GUIDE TO GETTING SOBER WITHOUT GODS OR MASTERS, $6.95, 5½” x 8 ½”, bound, black and white, copied, 64 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

As of this writing I have 1,311 days free from alcohol. That’s just over three and a half years of my life spent in a much better physical and mental state. Some of you might be skipping over this review already, but for those of you who are sober-curious and stuck around, please pay attention. This zine is exactly what I needed on day one, not the big book from AA. Not the fear-inducing videos played by my outpatient counselor. The beginning of a new lifestyle and a major departure from the old one is really difficult for most people. Hell, nearly all people. As a feminist, atheist, progressive punk I rejected so much of the AA book which was written nearly one hundred years ago by my polar opposite. But this zine breaks down “The Work” in an incredibly relatable way for me. I avoided it for years, especially after my last sponsor ghosted me. But Tim has paved a road where I don’t have to “Let go and let god” or “Ask god to humbly remove our shortcomings” in order to work a recovery program. This is the first time I haven’t finished reading a zine before reviewing it. It’s mostly because I’m trying to engage in the journaling and respond to all the questions posed in the workbook section of this, and some of those are not simple. Otherwise, I’d like to savor parts of this experience. It’s worth mentioning that Tim Spock wrote this while he was and still is currently incarcerated. I’ll let you find out why as you read this zine. –Kayla Greet (Microcosm Publishing, 2752 Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97227)

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