DRUG VICTIM: Worry: 7”

Mar 20, 2018

I’ve seen this band a couple of times and have always been impressed with its bludgeoning sound, impenetrably crammed into short, effective performances. This six-tracker allows more of the nuances to come through, rather than it being a total ear battering. Primarily, that means the vocals being more discernible and the guitar’s razor-sharp qualities being more notable. This allows the songs to stand out individually and reflects how good Drug Victim actually is. The highlight is “Choices,” which opens with a sinister bass then bursts into life with an NYHC-mixed-with–a-bit-of-Minor-Threat feel to it. Worth checking out. –Rich Cocksedge (Don’t Care, dontcarrerecords.gmail.com, dontcarerecords.com / Rubaiyat, [email protected], rubaitayrecords.bigcartel.com / Hydrogen Man, [email protected], hydrogenmanrecords.com / Bosleven)