DRUG VICTIM: Mongrel: 7”EP

Seven tracks and they leave no room to breathe, lasting just over six minutes. There is no time to recover as there are no gaps between them. The whole thing runs as one on a single side of the vinyl. It’s pretty much what one gets when seeing Drug Victim live, as the band bludgeons away, knocking attendees senseless—or at a minimum, leaving a lingering sense of mild concussion. Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t noise, it’s thick, heavy hardcore done at speed and with great skill. –Rich Cocksedge (Crew Cuts, crewcutsrecords.limitedrun.com / Blind Rage, blindragerecords.limitedrun.com / Angry & Hungry, [email protected], angryxhungry.limitedrun.com / Bosleven)