May 24, 2022

Drug Church’s first full-length in four years is rather on the short side: ten songs in twenty-six minutes. However, still here are influences from the Pixies, The Breeders, and Seaweed, all filtered through a post-hardcore sound. Yet, there’s a bit of growth: “Premium Offer” has a Cursive vibe and “Tiresome” leans hard on a Quicksand influence. The latter used to stand out much more in Drug Church’s sound but seems utilized far less on Hygiene. Lyrically, Patrick Kindlon’s pithy, occasionally antagonistic lyrics are still prevalent. “Detective Lieutenant” gave me something to think about in the relationship between an artist, their actions, and their art. Kindlon asks what people would think of Drug Church songs they liked if he committed a double murder. Good food for thought. By the end of the album, Kindlon’s producing some of his most personal lyrical content in the band’s history, acknowledging he’s a poor artist who has a hard time making ends meet, “living between shrinking margins.” Despite their occasional confrontational tone, I still enjoy the way Kindlon makes me reflect. While the music may not be as heavy as earlier Drug Church material I enjoyed (including their standout, Cheer), there are still enough hooks and fine lyrics here to keep me engaged. –Kurt Morris (purenoise.net)