DROWNS, THE: Lunatics: 12” 45

Jul 20, 2022

With the advent of the first song, “Live Like Yer Dyin,” I thought I had this Seattle quartet quickly pegged as roof-raising punk‘n’rollers (a la Dead Beat Records bands circa twenty years ago) who didn’t think in terms much beyond blowing off steam and knocking back a few beers on Saturday night. This kinda shows ya how little I know sometimes. By the time they’d hit the second song, they were suddenly pulling all this melody and all these songwriting chops seemingly out of their asses, rapidly whapping me this way and that with tools I had not assumed they had in their toolboxes. What the fuck just happened? Who am I listening to, The Strike? WHY ARE THESE GUYS SO GOOD? To further confound matters, they toss in hard rock in “She’s the Knife,” croon out an acoustic ballad that for once doesn’t sound like some dipshit trying to romanticize beer drinking and despair, and end with a number bearing such high-octane bass propulsion that I am fairly certain that, upon the record’s conclusion, I was left staring blankly at the stereo and wondering what the living breathing fuck just hit me while a number of red question marks floated over my head for purposes of underscoring my bewilderment. As your lawyer, I strongly suggest you do not underestimate this band. BEST SONG: “Live Like Yer Dyin.” When all is said and done, it actually is all about blowing off steam on a Saturday night at that. BEST SONG TITLE: “Tokyo Red Alert.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The dude on the right looks a lot like my grandpa, if my grandpa had tattoos and played a Flying V.–Rev. Nørb (Pirates Press, piratespressrecords.com)