DROWNS, THE: Hold Fast: 12” EP

Feb 06, 2020

This is a two-song teaser of what’s looking like one of 2020’s great streetpunk releases, the latest album from The Drowns. What makes this release so cool is that Pirates Press continues to impress with their new vinyl techniques. At first blush, this record looks like any other picture disc, but upon close inspection, parts of the non-grooved side are fully transparent. It turns out the images are printed digitally using a new process on the side without the grooves, creating an awesome, brand-new look that hasn’t been seen on records before. Genius! I am looking forward to the full Drowns LP, but in the meantime, I can’t stop staring at this truly innovative slab of wax. Pirates Press continues to break new ground and deserves much love and adoration. –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)