DROLLS, THE: “Follow That Dinosaur” b/w “Alternate Timeline”: 7”

Sep 26, 2018

Looking back on the pop punk boom of the 1990s, it’s hard not to put Seattle’s Sicko on a pedestal. Easily one of the best live bands I have ever seen, both Sicko’s records and shows were transformative. Known for their dual vocals, Sicko’s singers Ean and Denny went on to other groups in the years that followed, with Ean starting Top Drawer Records to put out a record from his outfit Date Night With Brian. Sicko reunited early this year, and Top Drawer released a killer current Seattle pop punk compilation that included The Drolls, Denny’s current band, now also featuring Sicko’s drummer Josh. This single will delight Sicko fans, as Denny’s unmistakable vocal stylings are in full force on these two fantastic tracks. Both songs are mid-tempo, aggressive, and punctuated by Denny’s classic voice. The production is flawless, and it’s a beautiful thing that my pop punk heroes are still so active. I can’t wait for a Drolls full-length! –Art Ettinger (Top Drawer, tdrecs.com)