Aug 01, 2019

I love it when I can get to a point with a record label when I know when they’re putting something out that there is at least a ninety percent chance that I am going to be into it. I am there with Drunken Sailor. Juice Man has released some of my favorite records in the last few years and it looks like there is no end in sight. Chicago’s Droids Blood is the latest in a long list. When you think of the term “synth rock,” what do you think of? I was a kid in the ’80s, so images of the radio hits, and MuchMusic (that’s MTV for Canadians), come to mind. Big hair and moping. Droids Blood is not that. There is plenty of synth involved, and it sure as hell rocks, but there is an evil urgency about it. The band is fucking angry and it makes me angry in a really joyful way. It’s like the soundtrack to smashing the windows out a car covered in racist stickers. Adrenalized violence with a big dumb grin… or so I would imagine. –Ty Stranglehold (Drunken Sailor, drunkensailorrecords.co.uk)