Sep 20, 2017

I love the Drakulas. You love the Drakulas. If you don’t already love the Drakulas, stop reading, insert a bookmark here, dash down to the record store, and come back once you have decided to love the Drakulas. Seriously, we need certain ground rules here, and chief among them is that EVERYONE MUST LOVE THE DRAKULAS. What’s not to love? You get fresh slabs of that taut Texan surgical punk that has been lacerating the world’s foreheads for the last twenty years or so, coupled with a freshly ancient viewpoint of metropolitan fantasy degeneracy; fuck you, it’s what’s for dinner. Now that you love the Drakulas (or have stopped reading, possibly to take more opioids and march into the sea to your overdue doom), let us discuss the exact artifact up for review. Whilst the conceptualist in me would have loved to see a “VHS”/”Betamax” 45 (both being songs off the spectacular Raw Wave album, which you either love by now or left behind unopened as you marched into the sea earlier in this paragraph), I must admit that “VHS” + three non-LP tunes was likely a more productive way to go. All three of the new tunes—”Masculine Odor,” “Inside Honey” and “D.R.A.X.”—are as good as anything but the very best Raw Wave tracks, and the platter’s silent underside features a silkscreen of the band’s logo, and how can you not own a record where one whole side of it is your new favorite band’s logo? You’re not pulling your weight, dick. Limited to 350 copies to ensure obedience. BEST SONG AND SONG TITLE: “Masculine Odor.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Drakulas logo kind of looks like the logo of that band Dirty Looks who were on Stiff around 1980, but more droplet-o-centric. ­–Rev. Nørb (Stiff Hombre, stiffhombre.bandcamp.com)