DRAKULAS: Terminal Amusements: LP

May 28, 2020

Buckle up kids, it’s time to take another trip into that seedy world of gangs and grit. A world populated with pimps, prostitutes, pervs, and vidiots whose stories are told by the main gang in town. Drakulas. It’s no secret how much I love this band and its premise. I have been hotly anticipating this record and I was not disappointed in the least. When we catch up with the crew, it feels as if it has been the turn of the decade. Kind of like the move from the seventies to the eighties. Scummy pool halls becoming scummy video arcades but inevitably remaining scummy. Drakulas’ trademark raw wave has gained a little new wave polish, but ultimately is still as raw as it comes. It can be hard when a band is comprised of members of other amazing bands, to step out of the shadows of those other bands and stand on their own. Drakulas not only pull this off but take it a step further. With Terminal Amusements, Drakulas have fully carved out some territory of their own. Their flick-knives are out and they’re going to protect it at any cost. I love it when a band manages to continually top itself when a new record comes out. I can’t stop listening to Terminal Amusements, and neither will you. –Ty Stranglehold (Dine Alone)