DRAFT DODGER #2, free, 8” x 10½”, newsprint, 39 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

Similar in style and layout to Maximum Rock’n’Roll and Razorcake, Draft Dodger is a punk fanzine located in Richmond, Va. Only on its second issue, the standouts were definitely the short essays featured in the beginning. Ranging from stories about growing up and growing out of the punk scene, to memories of punk houses lived and loved in, the personal writing always seems to draw me in more than band interviews and album reviews. Don’t get me wrong, the interviews in this issue with bands like Caves, The Sidekicks, and The Wild were interesting too, and I enjoyed the short cartoons splashed throughout the issue; but give me more of those personal columns! –Tricia Ramos (Draft Dodger, [email protected])