DRAFT DODGER #2, $?, 8½” x 11”, copied, 38 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

The second issue of Draft Dodger is about two years in the making. There’s no real explanation for the gap, but life happens (don’t I know it). Thus, some of the interviews aren’t quite as relevant as they might’ve been a while ago—for what it’s worth, they are with The Wild, The Sidekicks, and Caves. There are also some photos, comics, and columns. I enjoyed the columns the most, as they spoke about things I could relate to: mental health, growing up listening to Christian punk music, and living in Bloomington, Ind. For me, that made reading this issue engrossing. I found myself very engaged with the columns, but then my interest dropped off .I wasn’t familiar with the bands and the comics didn’t do anything for me. I suppose if you’re into the bands, though, this would be worth checking out. -Kurt Morris (Draft Dodger Zine, 1611 S. Meadow St., Richmond, VA 23220)