DOWNWAY: Last Chance for More Regrets: CD

Sep 26, 2019

Holy fuck! This is horrid! When I put it on, I thought, “What manner of mainstream horseshit is this and how did it get to Razorcake?”It was so clean and so overproduced I didn’t even know how to process it. I just wanted it OFF MY FUCKING STEREO! Googling the band, I found they call themselves pop punk. I was shocked. I’m no defender of pop punk, but the mere idea that it would pass as any sort of punk at all just floors me. This is what the kids call pop punk these days? But wait, further reading reveals they’ve been at it for seventeen years. What? Where have they been playing all this time? Some bizarro universe where Don Henley is a punk icon and Fred Cole is considered The Man for recording his records in mono? If you like Blink 182 but think they’re a little to raw, this might serve you well. –Craven Rock (Thousand Islands)

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