DOWN AND OUTS: Double Negative: LP

Jul 25, 2018

I didn’t realise that this was actually the band’s fifth album when it got sent to me. I was happily working on the notion that the oft quoted “difficult third album” syndrome had been blown apart with Double Negative, a record resplendent with great songs, singalong choruses as big as skyscrapers, and a fantastic guitar sound adding so much more than a bunch of chords to the songs. If you like upbeat and punchy, then you’ll find it here. If you like scathing social commentary, than that will be found within the lyrics, especially on the poignant “You Can Have This Country Back,” featuring the excellent line, “Went to sleep in Great Britain, woke up in Little England,” a nod to the small mindedness of those clamoring for Brexit. The added plus side of this release is that there are two more Down And Outs albums for me to “discover” with no difficult third album blip, either! –Rich Cocksedge (All In Vinyl,