DOUBLE FISTED: The First Seven Inches: 7”

Dec 03, 2020

Double Fisted is Bill and Roger from Grissle, self-described “Old school punk rock dudes with beer bellies playing whatever they want.” I reviewed their Six Sick Six Pack Songs of Slimy Southern Fried Sorry Assed Sickness record back in issue 110, and I’m still waiting for their demon-fighting luchador graphic novel to come out. In the meantime, I have this record to rock out with. You might be surprised, but there’s no vocals to be found on the A side of the record. The three tracks, “Film at Eleven,” “Conversion Therapy,” and “Chugg,” run a gamut of sounds from skate rock, to surf, and beyond. Each track was great, with a double-fisted dose of riffs appropriate to the band’s name. The B side track, “Lonely Highway,” is an entirely different experience altogether. It’s a jangly punk’n’roll masterpiece worthy of a movie soundtrack. While the band envisions it as something from a Tarantino flick, I had Robert Rodriguez in mind. Perhaps something about demon fighting luchadores? –Paul J. Comeau (Records With Attitude,