DOUBLE FISTED: “Carousel” b/w “3AM”: 7”

Jul 20, 2022

Double Fisted are back with a double dose of goodness. Featuring Bill and Roger from Grissle, I’ve reviewed some of their previous releases in issues 120, 119, and 110. They describe their sound as “whatever they want”—a sound that ranges from skate rock, to surf, punk’n’roll, and beyond. I’ve said before that there’s almost a soundtrack-esque quality to some of their stuff, and that’s particularly true here on the roaring new instrumental track “Carousel.” You might remember the B side track “3AM” from the band’s earlier release Six Sick Six Pack Songs of Slimy Southern Fried Sorry Assed Sickness. It’s a great track with lyrics about being haunted by demons both real and metaphorical. The quality of this rerecording is better than the previous version, giving it a good deal more energy. As much as I love the track, I just kept wanting to flip the record back over and listen to “Carousel.” Double Fisted have mastered these roaring and genre-bending instrumental tracks in a way no other current band can touch, and it’s one of my favorite things about them. –Paul J. Comeau (Records With Attitude)

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