DOUBLE DIGEST #2, DETECTIVE!, $6, 5” x 7½”, 2-color copied, 24 pgs.

Back in issue #111, I reviewed Pete Faecke’s first Double Digest, a comic collaboration themed around westerns. This one takes on the subject of old gristly detectives. Faecke’s story The Big Love Triangle, stars detective Ira Hurt, a shlubby, wide man who sucks down a lot of Pepto Bismol. He is hired to help a long-faced woman named Bev Early find her missing roommate. When they find her charred remains in a seedy hotel, it’s time to hit up all of her previous romances. Despite the subject matter, it’s a very absurd and silly story. The art does a good job mimicking early pulp comics while still making it very cartoonish. The flipside is a comic called Cryonic Pain written and drawn by Drew Lerman. It stars a bearded Sherlock Holmes type, Detective Dav, and his little pink blobby pal, Dr. Roy. Our heroes hunt down a cryogenically frozen body that escaped its chamber. They find his crumpled re-animated body and a very important flatworm. The drawings are pretty funny and it has some low brow charm like a Ren & Stimpy cartoon. It’s printed nicely with black and Pepto-pink. Looking forward to the possibility of Double Digest… in Space! –Rick V. ([email protected],