DORIS #32, $3.75 by mail or $3 and two stamps, 5½” x 4”, copied, 46 pgs.

Jan 18, 2017

Doris is a perzine of sorts. Part interviews, part therapeutic tips, part stream of consciousness. I get excited whenever there’s a new issue. Doris reads like an advice column from a personal friend or like a letter that you’ve been waiting on for a long time, with updates from a person you’re close to. This issue includes interviews with anarchists over forty, an interview with Marius Mason—trans Green Scare long-term prisoner—writing workshop exercises, some beautiful tips on how to be a good conversationalist, how to be happier, and life and death. Reading Doris feels like that breath that I’m able to remember to take at the end of a long day. –Tricia Ramos (Doris, PO Box 29, Athens, OH 45701,