DOREEN: Violence of the Spirit: CS

Nov 29, 2016

his tape started off with a lot of nostalgia for the hip alt radio stations of the early 2000s: The Strokes, Bloc Party, all that dancey indie rock stuff I nearly forgot I kinda liked. But then it went and spun off into the ambient swell of “Crosstalk” and the slow-burn freakout (á la Sonic Youth) of “Punk!” and things were never the same after that. The next couple songs are jagged post-punk jams with drawling vocals and jarring guitar jams, and then we arrive at the title track, which includes whispering, muttering, and a smooth, disarming riff that repeats over and over until it explodes into a dissonant stutter. Comes with a zine-format lyric booklet and a creepy illustrated postcard to match the creepy illustrated tape cover. Neat and unexpected, overall. –Indiana Laub (Self-released, [email protected])

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