DOPAMINES, THE: Guided by Vices: Flexi 7”

Sep 23, 2016

Hey everyone! The Dopamines are back with a two-song 7” flexi EP! You can bend it and stuff! Neat! The release features a cover of fellow Ohioans Guided By Voices’ “Quality of Armor”—thus the witty title!—and the band’s own “Dave Wipfler,” originally featured on The Turkletons’ 2013 benefit compilation, Dukey. Guided by Vices is available via It’s Alive Records, who also distributed The Dopamines’ 2012 full-length, Vicesholy shit, the witty title rabbit hole just got deeper! The flexi is packaged with album art aping that of Guided By Voices’ 1992 record, Propeller, which houses the original version of “Quality of Armor.” Basically, we’re all being incepted, guys. The Dopamines’ cover of the song is predictably and successfully pop punk-ified, with the main difference being that Robert Pollard sounded like he had a sore throat, while Jon Lewis and Jon Weiner sound like they have stuffy noses. “Dave Wipfler” keeps pace, featuring the kind of lovelorn lyrics and almost-harmonies that make pop punk, well, pop punk. A must-have for all Dopamines addicts. –Kelley O’Death (It’s Alive, [email protected],

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