It’s donation drive season again! Time to lock in those locations to get sponsored and reserve those donation-only shirts.

This year’s design is a three-color print by the inimitable Kiyoshi Nakazawa. Is the ant ruining the party, or bringing the party? It’s all perspective! Printed at Calimucho.

Your donations during this drive will secure another year of reasonable and accessible subscription and advertising rates. Another year of bringing thousands of free zines to spots all around the country. As all expenses seem to be going up, we’re buckling down and looking for ways to maintain consistency and sustainability.

If you’re able to make a donation this year, thank you for supporting what we do; the zines, the endless amount of reviews, the website, the podcasts, the webcomics.

Thank you for supporting something you find value in, and understanding that without your support, it’s gone.

-Todd Taylor

GIFTS (Every donation gets a sticker)

$25 – 104 song "Best of 2021" downloadable compilation compiled by our contributor pool

$50 – Three-color donation-only t-shirt, and comp

$75 – Special donation-only hat, and the comp

$175 – Sponsor a space to receive 25 copies of each issue for a year, plus the t-shirt and comp

$500 – Sponsor two spaces, get a donation-only hoodie, and the comp

$1000 – Sponsor an issue and a space, plus get the hat, hoodie, shirt, and comp


• Send a donation directly through PAYPAL HERE. Our address is [email protected]

• Send a donation check, well concealed cash, or money order to: Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042

Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!