DOLLAR DRAFTS: Tres Jabronis: 7” EP

Mar 15, 2022

I was not into Dollar Drafts the first couple times I spun Tres Jabronis. After multiple listens, I must admit they’re damn catchy. It might be the name of the band which had me rolling my eyes, expecting a bunch of drunken odes to alcohol (and there are certainly plenty of references to it), but I was pleasantly surprised to find the band has much more going on than that image. There’s an almost timeless quality to their gritty rock’n’roll sound. My favorite track was “Too Old for The Pit, Too Old for This Shit.” It’s got some ripping guitar leads, and lyrics about becoming an aging punk that all of us on the wrong side of forty will hopefully find more funny than offensive. All I’ll say about the lyrics is if you feel targeted by the song, then it’s definitely about you. –Paul J. Comeau (Dollar Drafts)

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