Aug 25, 2016

I really hate writing short reviews, but I also love writing about lyrical content and intention in the records I cover. Since the only Finish word I can think of off the top of my head is Helsinki, music-only review it is! Though I did use ye ol’ Google translator for the song titles, it didn’t provide much insights besides that the record is called Wolf Sounds. These guys are from Lapua, with all the songs in their native language. It’s pretty hardcore punk for the majority of the record, though there was one track that struck me by surprise: “Paikka Varattu (JazzClubMix).” This has stripped-down drumming with a jazzy lead on the electric guitar and an acoustic in the background. I’m guessing it’s pretty tongue in cheek, like the Dead Milkmen’s “You’ll Dance to Anything,” but who knows. Otherwise, the rest of these songs sound like they could have been on an early Epitaph comp, or This Is Finland, Not Boston if that were something that actually existed. All of their tunes are available on their website where they encourage people, in English, to “Click picture, download, burn on CD, and print covers,” which I think is pretty cool. –Kayla Greet (Mankat Vastakkain,