DOING LINES, 3½” x 4½”, copied, 6 pgs.

Dec 10, 2019

Okay, this is weird. I had an incredibly similar premise for a zine that I half got off the ground years and years ago. Several pages of one-line stories, in an attempt to tell a story with as few of words as possible, much like Faulkner’s famous six-word story exercise. If I’m being honest though, few of these entries count as stories. Consider the classic “Baby shoes, for sale. Never worn.” The story has three acts. The first: “Baby shoes,” we know there is a baby, we have established the normality. The second act complication, “for sale.” The climax, “never worn.” Each phrase holds so much purpose. But most of the lines in this zine are thoughts, musings, half-stories. Not enough to really sink your teeth into. –Gwen Static (Don Leach, no address listed)