DOGS, THE: “John Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinclair” b/w “Younger Point of View”: 7”

Sep 22, 2022

A song from The Dogs’ second single, “Slash Your Face,” has the distinction of being on the first volume of the Killed by Death compilation series. It’s a classic as that goes. Brooklyn–based repro label Last Laugh Records has repressed The Dogs’ 1976 single: a two-song slammer that should not be missed. “John Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinclair” is a straightforward punk’n’roll chugger paying tribute to the ’60s radical and MC5 manager. “Younger Point of View” moves as a mid-paced rocker with a distinct ’77-style chorus. The Last Laugh reissues are a canon of albums and singles you should to hear if you’re into KBD. This single is no exception. –Billups Allen (Last Laugh / Almost Ready)