DOGS, THE: Hypersensitive: LP

Jan 24, 2024

This is the “Slash Your Face” Dogs, who have been around forever. Originally released on CD back in 2012, it’s now on vinyl for the very first time. You can expect to hear nothing but pure, unadulterated punk’n’roll here. They don’t have time for getting mellow, and the closest they get is with “In On the Out,” and that’s because it switches back and forth between slow to mid tempo. There are some hard chargers on here like “Motor City Fever,” (the guitar work on that song reminds me of a certain someone from the Amboy Dukes), “What Goes in Quiet Comes out Loud,” and “Nothing Lasts 4 Ever” to prove they still have it. They re-record their classic “Slash Your Face,” but the real cooker is “You Can’t Catch Me.” It comes on hard and fast, and is catchier than hell, requiring repeated listens before moving on to “Slash Your Face,” which is a testament to how good that song is. And let me just say, “You Can’t Catch Me” into “Slash Your Face” is akin to a bomb going off. The combo rips the place apart and knocks you on your ass. –Matt Average (Heavy Medication,

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