DOGS, THE: 1994-1998: Sick as a Dog: LP

Sep 26, 2019

In high school my friend gave me a ride home and he was playing a cassette that caught my attention before we’d even left the parking lot. Every song was played like the band was on speed, and they probably were. The lyrics seemed to resent everything surrounding Southern Orange County. They were desperate, vicious, depressing, and constantly based around drug use, alcoholism, and rehab. The short ride home that day left a lasting impression on me and I hope this record gets into the hands and ears of other sixteen-year-olds who feel lost and alienated. In the way you need to warn people before introducing them to GG Allin, the same goes with these guys. They’re not a band for kids. Gabe Hart (Jail Weddings, Starvations) did the honor of addressing the Dogs’ nihilistic gang mentality in the liner notes. This record never came out, so this is more of an issue than a reissue. The release coincides with a limited run of coffin-shaped skateboards by Bat Skates. Do not sleep on either of these items, folks. –Ryan Nichols (Garage Rock, [email protected],