Dog Days of Snake Pit By Ben Snakepit, 285 pgs.

Feb 13, 2020

Ben Snakepit has drawn a three-panel comic strip representing every day of his life since 2001. Most of the strips are a narrative without any word bubbles except when Ben noticed he drew something poorly and one of the characters points out the mistake.

You would think after 6,205 plus strips this would get pretty boring. But there’s just something about Snake Pit comics that keep you entranced and making these books hard to put down.

Dog Days of Snake Pit chronicles 2016-2018 of Ben’s daily life. Early readers of Snake Pit will notice that Ben no longer works at a record store and goes to shows every night. Ben now lives outside of Austin, Texas with his wife Karen. He works at a print shop and only plays in one band. Does the older version of Ben make Snake Pit less exciting? Well, yeah. Gone are the days where Ben would go to a show, get super trashed and be witness to his housemates having naked parties. But does it make Snake Pit boring? Absolutely not.

The wild-times action is not what makes Snake Pit great. Since it’s more of a narrative, we get to read Ben’s constant internal struggles. Ben is now in his mid-forties and still trying to figure out what he wants out of life. We often see those thoughts play out almost in real-time as the daily strips go on. For example, Ben decides he needs to go back to school so he can get a better job. Over the weeks, Ben attempts math problems and realizes it’s not worth the added stress and potential failure.

And of course, Snake Pit is still really funny. You will find yourself laughing out loud at the dumbest visual jokes, usually at the previously mentioned panels where Ben draws something wrong.

In the book, Ben goes through several job positions, buys a couple of pairs of pants, goes on numerous road trips, and, sadly, has a dog pass away. As dull as some of that may sound, this collection is definitely a page-turner and will have you patiently waiting another three years for the next volume to come out. Put these out yearly again, damn it! –Rick V. (Silver Sprocket,