DOG COMPANY: From Chosen Sides to Battle Lines: LP

May 24, 2022

The picture, band name, and label would lead you to believe the third (or fourth?) full length by this long time Dallas band would be straight up “street punk,” but there’s waaaaaay more to it. For sure there’s Cock Sparrer, Street Dogs, et al. vibes here, but there’s something in the songwriting and vocal delivery that sends this head and shoulders above the pack. There’s a little Complete Control, Ducky Boys, or even Noi!se. You want anthems? This fucker is top to bottom with them. The Eddie And The Hot Rods cover reminds me of fellow Texans Lower Class Brats who did one of theirs decades ago and these boys nail it. In fact, there are echoes of early TKO bands like Reducers SF and The Forgotten in here too. The final track “Story Untold” is a fucking scorcher. This one might get lost in the shuffle, but I would suggest digging for this one ASAP! –Tim Brooks (Contra,