DODGE DART: White Dot: 7”

Sep 29, 2020

The Dead Milkmen’s Metaphysical Graffiti isn’t a great album, but it contains “Methodist Coloring Book,” which is my favorite song of theirs. It also contains the song “Now Everybody’s Me,” a track that’s been in my head ever since late May of 2020, when my lifelong need to explain ACAB was suddenly replaced by mainstream pundits talking about the need to defund police. As if the current anti-police movement wasn’t enough, the once-obscure pop punk band Dodge Dart is receiving a tremendous resurgence. Its current iteration, Mesa Lanes, recently released a full LP of Dodge Dart covers. Shortly thereafter, the British label No Front Teeth put out this EP of unreleased early Dodge Dart recordings, a fanboy’s dream come true. Dodge Dart put out one 7” and one album in their heyday, returning years later with a follow-up album. Two full-lengths under the new name Mesa Lanes already exist, too. The eight songs on this new 2020 7”, White Dot, were recorded about six months after Dodge Dart’s debut 1995 7”. Seven of these songs appear on later releases, but these versions are lovably raw, fast, and punk as hell. One of the songs, “Cookie Jar,” doesn’t appear on any other release that I know of. Soon we will live a world where not only everyone hates police as much as I do, but also everyone is a Dodge Dart/Mesa Lanes fan. How’s that for looking on the bright side of things? –Art Ettinger (No Front Teeth)