DMB STUDIOS, $?, 3” x 4”, copied, 6 pgs.

Sep 20, 2017

In this batch of zines to review this month, I received a bundle of mini-comics from “DMB Studios,” a seemingly prolific cartoonist, as there were six zines in total. Each mini-comic contained six pages of a preview of one of his particular comics. Ranging from schoolgirls in a kind of monster-movie middle school (there was a vampire girl, a ghost girl, and more of the like), to a superhero team of fashionistas, and even an autobiographical mini-comic. While the genres of the author’s minis ranged, they didn’t really grab my interest. Quantity over quality in terms of storylines and plots. I believe the cartoonist would do well with teaming up with a writer so they could focus solely on their art. To check out their many characters and comics, you can read them all for free on their website. –Tricia Ramos (DMB Studios,