DIVINE HORSEMEN: Hot Rise of an Ice Cream Phoenix: 2 x LP

Jan 05, 2022

I’m a fan of Chris D. Whatever he has going on, I’m interested in. That includes not just his music, but all the writing he’s done over the years: his work for Slash, movie reviews in other fanzines, fiction, books on Japanese cinema, starring in independent movies, his work on the Pinky Violence collection, you name it. It’s all interesting, and it’s generally all good, and sometimes, for lack of a better term, life changing. Despite not releasing new music for a long while, this double set pretty much picks up where they left off. Of course comparisons will be made to the Flesh Eaters, but Divine Horsemen are a bit subdued and pensive instead of mind-on-fire rough and tumble. The title of this album comes from Jefferson Airplane, which they cover here. Speaking of covers, their version of Patti Smith’s “25th Floor” is worth the price of admission alone. Tales of people at the end of their ropes have never sounded as serene as it does here. –Matt Average (In The Red, intheredrecords.com)