DITHERING DOODLES #17-19, $1 or trade, 5” x 8”, 24 pgs.

Dec 13, 2016

I’m not sure anyone has properly cracked how to critique a half-diary comic/half sketch book. I’m certainly not going to be the genius who figures it out, either. Here’s what I saw: inconsistent doodles, words spelled incorrectly for comic effect, stories of the banality of modern life. To say it’s haphazard is giving some credit to the structure of the piece. If I sound negative, that is not how I mean it. I am neutral about the work because the work is neutral. Such a personal outing; it’s as if it is a pure extension of the person who made it. To properly criticize it would be damning the person who made it, which seems against the spirit of the work. It is what it is. –Bryan Static (Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S SLC, UT 84111, [email protected])

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