DISTURBANCE, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 28 pgs.

Feb 13, 2020

This is a great resource for any local scene. Disturbance is based out of Wilmington, Del. and jam packs a lot of info for anyone looking to get into DIY music. For one, there’s a listing for all upcoming shows at the very front. The editor’s note is about the importance of all-ages, underground music spaces, as well as offering unsolicited advice to anyone reading who is interested in throwing house shows. Just hope the cops don’t email you! There are a couple of record reviews in here: one for Merger, and one for Eyebawl. The later band’s front person is also interviewed in this issue. To top it all off, there are adverts from several local businesses and bands, as well as some decent live band photos from shows past. Nice little snapshot into a local scene report. –Kayla Greet (Impetus, 13 Delaware Ave., Claymont, DE 19703, impetusde.com)