DISSEKERAD: Self-titled: EP

Jan 30, 2019

A straightforward hardcore punk attack played by some of the Swedes who helped define the genre, (ex-Avskum, Totalitär, and Krigshot), Disskeerad, Swedish for “dissected,” deliver four tracks that capture everything I love about the genre. Fast and angry—with shredding guitars, and thundering drums—that make you want to grab your best friend and bum rush the pit. This self-titled 7” was a limited-edition release for the band’s performance at the Varning From Montreal Festival and brief North American tour. While others may have long-since stopped screaming at walls, these Swedes sound ready to tear down the system with their bare hands. One listen to this record and you’ll be right along with them. –Paul J. Comeau (Varning, facebook.com/varningfest)