Jan 18, 2017

The once-mighty Disorder, birthers of noise punk, sounding rather unmighty and bloated (beer burps into the mics in between songs, ugh) on a live sound board recording from a 2014 show in Holland. The songs are there but the chaos and enthusiasm is sorely lacking, making for an unremarkable listen. I can just imagine myself wide eyed and happy at the start of their set only to be left wishing that each song after the third or fourth was their last. Agathocles: yes, they’ve done a split with nearly every fucking extreme band. Yes, this is a live recording but don’t roll your eyes just yet, mate. This is some top notch fucking grind-influenced crust punk or “mincecore” if you will. Tight, loud, noisy, and brutal; everything you imagined and hoped a classic band would be like in a live setting. Agathocles literally have a thousand records to choose from, but this is definitely a good start if you’ve yet to listen to the Belgian mincemasters. –Juan Espinosa (Power It Up, power-it-up.de)

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