DISCREET: This Is Mine: LP

May 15, 2023

Dark and sinister hardcore punk that could only come from the minds of former members of Austin, Texas’s Total Abuse. Discreet doesn’t stray far from the musical formula of their previous works and the resulting full length is just one swift boot kick to the ribs after another. The lyrics deal with dark subjects, some of which I cannot begin to comprehend myself, and some that hit a little too close. The super thick vinyl is housed in a gatefold sleeve adorned with amazing artwork on each side. The photo of two pigs fucking in a field of scattered debris and refuse sums up this record’s overall feel. True outsider music. You could not ask for a better hardcore record in 2023. –Juan Espinosa (Convulse, convulserecords.bandcamp.com / discreetband.bandcamp.com)

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